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Instructions for processing the booking between guest and escort lady

  1. General:

1.1. This website is only a placement platform for escort women. VIENNA CALL GIRL Escort is used only as an intermediary between you and your escorts. All escort ladies act in their own name and on their own account. In addition to their normal professional activity or their studies, they are self-employed.

1.2 We do not provide illegal, immoral or immoral service. Payment is made exclusively for the escort’s temporary company. The design of the booked time is the joint decision of the escort model and the customer. A note on the different interests and preferences of women can be found in the respective Sedcard.

  1. Booking request and booking

2.1. Sending a booking request (form) or email represents a contact and the guest asks VIENNA CALL GIRL Escort about the possibility of booking – this process is not a binding booking. VIENNA CALL GIRL Escort informs the prospective customer of the availability of the escort lady and clarifies all necessary details with the guest. We will of course share your wishes and ideas 1: 1 with the accompanying person.

  1. Fee

3.1. The listed fees are not to be understood as “remuneration” for certain “services”, but only as remuneration for the time spent together. You can find this in the menu item Fee or on the Sedcard of the respective lady. Travel expenses can also arise if the lady has to travel from another city – these prices can also be found on the sedcard of the individual women. Basically, you can meet the companion anywhere in the world. Costs for flight tickets and train tickets are calculated individually according to travel destination, season and booking deadlines. If the cost of a flight or train ticket increases after the booking has been completed, the guest also bears these costs.

  1. Methods of payment

4.1. As a rule, payment is made in cash by handing over an unsealed envelope to the escort lady at the beginning of the appointment by the guest.

4.2. A deposit is required if the lady takes a longer journey (from 100 km) to the location requested by the customer. In this case, a deposit of 30% of the fee plus Travel expenses to the business account required. Die Agentur hat für die Escort Damen eine Geldempfangsvollmacht.

4.3. It is also possible to make the deposit with Western Union, in which case you will receive from us all the data you need for the payment. We need your first name, surname and 10-digit Western Union number. The data you need from us is available on request. VIENNA CALLGIRL escort agency has a power of attorney for the escort ladies.

4.4. Deposit by credit card: In the event that you want to pay by credit card, there is a 5% processing fee. The credit card will be debited under the name of the managing director. Your credit card will be charged immediately after booking.

5 Cancellation of the booking by the customer

5.1. You can cancel the booking without any reason, please let us know by phone or email.

5.2. If something comes up at short notice, please let us know as soon as possible, but at least 24 hours before the agreed date, because our escort lady will keep the time exclusively for you. If you have already made a down payment, we will offset the down payment with your next date. The deposit is forfeited if you are unable to make the rendezvous within 6 months. Costs already incurred such as Flight and train costs are borne by the customer.

5.3 If it does not harmonize between you and the selected lady, please inform the lady politely. The escort lady does not take this personally and will understand it. In this case the lady will ask you to reimburse your travel expenses. However, at least 50, -. 83/5000 Of course, the lady also has the opportunity to end the date prematurely. All women at VIENNA CALLGIRL Escort are self-employed and decide which bookings they accept.

  1. Discretion

6.1. Discretion is much more than just a word for agency and escort lady.

  1. FAKE bookings

8.1. Unfortunately, it happens that customers or competitors “breakfast a clown” and find it particularly funny to reserve fictitious dates and let the escorts “run into the void”. We strictly distance ourselves from such actions and, as a precautionary measure, inform us that we, particularly towards the escorts, consistently pursue gross misconduct in civil and criminal law.

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